About US:

The project 'Anarchy is Order' started as a DIYproject for the distribution and proliferation of anarchist texts and texts with relevance to anarchists.
 The project is ongoing - even when several websites have since picked up where our digital skills lacked.
 Websites are fragile - we have always chosen a multiple approach:
 - CD/USBflashdrive: we gathered our collection in order to spread more cheaply and safely - your own offline searcheable database that you can build on with new texts (please send us a plain text copy and a PDF seperately).
 -Printing the revolution: we chose to distribute printed versions - ideally anyone can become a local distribution point for anarchist propaganda. A printer and basic book binding skills or a small local printshop are all you need!

We developed several workshops and trainings: the revolution will not be won on paper - our 'business' is to create!